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The Adventures of Heather

by B.J. Jacobs


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Author - B.J. Jacobs


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"The Adventures Of Heather": a brilliant story about seeing the world's reality from a dream and finding out the need to take care of the home we live in.  "The Adventures Of Heather" is the creation and very first publication of new author B.J. Jacobs.  Jacobs, holds a Masters Degree in Education, a Bachelors Degree in Communications and an Associates Degree in Science.  She is a retired Arts and Education teacher for The Detroit Public Schools, a former postal worker for fourteen years and a professional television and stage actress of 45 years. B.J. Jacobs, is the recipient of an American Legion Award and a Best Leading Actress Award from The Detroit Repertory Theater.    She never cared for the "real world" mainly because of the problems that she feels humans have created in both the earth and the environment. So, she found her escape into the "Adventures Of Heather", a mythical world that teaches children the effects of global warming and climate change through the adventures of a ten-year old girl named Heather.


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B.J. Jacobs' new book is an amusing tale that tells young readers that dreams may just be a figment of the imagination, yet these dreams could be a reality, in a way, somewhere - "only if you look with your eyes, and believe with your heart"  With this, one will realize that he can do something to give the world a better future.

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